Choosing Your Pole Dancing Heels

Have Fun with Heel Clacks, Drops and Walks in Pole Dancing Heels!

Adore 708 Clear Pleasers

 Last week we talked about the benefits of working out in heels, this week we are going to talk about choosing your pole dancing heels.

As a beginner it is advised to avoid the shortest heels, the height between the top of your heel and the ball of your foot (arch) is larger in the shorter 6-inch heels. This means an ideal height for beginners is 7 inches. The platforms in 7inch and higher shoes make up for the extra heel height and the heels themselves are slightly wider. 8 inches are a good progression once you get used to the 7-inch.

Ankle straps are a good idea for beginners, especially if you are using your shoes for exotic dance or floor play. They will provide more support around your heel, keep your shoes from flying off and keep you feeling more secure. If you find a pair of shoes you like but they don’t have straps don’t worry, Pleaser makes straps separately and they are available for purchase at the Cherry Blossom Boutique.

The best shoes for heel clacks are platforms with no embellishments on the inner platform; the Adore 708 chrome and clear series heels are a great option for this! We have several different styles of 708 in the studio.

Clear shoes tend to be a good choice, they are the least expensive and there are several styles and colours to choose from. They are made from plastics and pvc. They can be molded to your foot by heating the plastic while you are wearing your shoes with the low setting on your blow dryer. Many people find the clear shoes to be the most comfortable.

rose gold heels

Adore 709 Rose Gold Heels

Patent shoes are made from leather, they do not expand as much in size as the clear shoes do and they tend to run a little narrower than the clear shoes (although this is not always the case). The patent material is sturdier, because of this, you want to make sure you have the correct shape and width for your feet or you will experience chafing over time.

In the end it is all about personal preference, you may find that a certain material or heel height works better for you than another. It is best to go with something that is comfortable for your foot.

 We sell a number of different styles at the Cherry Blossom Boutique so you can try on most of the styles available. Pleasers shoes are very light, they are easy to walk in and easy to perform in. They also fit true to size, they do not come in half sizes though, so if you are a half size you can typically go with the size up, but some find sizing down works better for them. If you can’t find the heel you want in our boutique we might be able to order it for you! There are a number of different styles available in the catalogue so make sure to ask at the front desk if you don’t see what you are looking for.