Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop

aerial hoopWhat is Aerial Hoop?

Aerial hoop also known as Lyra or Cerceau, is a circus apparatus in which students learn beautiful sequences and shapes on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. There is a one or two tab Lyra, the two tab is most popular for double (two performers) in the hoop.

Aerial Hoop in our Aerial Fusion 6-Week Class

In our 6-week Aerial Hoop Program we will teach you proper stretching and conditioning to build strength. Each class we will guide you through different maneuvers and combos taught on our aerial hoops. We may also use our aerial hammocks to help get you comfortable and for flexibility training. Aerials are great strength building exercise that is also a fun and challenging workout.

Learn from our certified PFIC Canada instructors as you learn how to maneuver on this gorgeous apparatus. Our classes are taught in a 6-week format, please register online to secure your spot.

What to wear:

Please wear form fitting clothes such as long leggings & T-shirt or long sleeve tops avoiding zippers or anything sharp. Please do not apply lotion or oils to your skin before and remove jewelry before your first class.

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