Studio Etiquette

To ensure a safe atmosphere, everyone must abide by the studio rules.

Please be on time for class! If you are more than 5 minutes late to class you will not be allowed in and will forfeit and lose your class.

-No rings or hand jewelry.

-No body lotions or oils.

-No food or drink other than water allowed in studio.

-Shoes must be removed at the door, no foot wear except for “indoor” shoes inside the studio.

-Please clean crash mats, yoga mats and poles with disinfectant after use.

-Please do not touch or lean against mirrors.

-Only positive words of encouragement allowed in our studio. Be kind to others and yourself. Everyone should feel welcome and comfortable.

-Students must wear proper attire. Proper tight pole shorts must be worn. No nudity.

-No children allowed in studio. Participants must be 18+ or 16+ with Parents or guardian’s consent and signed documents.

-Please respect our cancellation policy. Student must give a full 24 hrs to cancel their class. Not doing so will result in a “no show” and you will lose your class.

-Students must register online or on our App to register for classes.

-No chewing gum.

-No cell phones in studio.

-Return all mats, spray bottles and clothes to their designated spot.

-No video taping without Instructors permission.

-No drugs or alcohol consumption will be tolerated.

-If you are in a higher level dropping into a lower level class you must follow lower level material and instructor.

-No friends, boyfriends, children will be allowed watching your class, please have respect for other members.

-Please do not instruct your fellow students with current or new moves. This is an insurance violation and safety rule that everyone must abide by.

Courtesy and respect are a two way street. We want to make everyone’s visit to Cherry Blossom Studio an amazing one. If you have any other concerns please contact our studio.

Thank you for contributing to the comfort and enjoyment of all Cherry Blossom Studio Members and Guests by following our Studio Etiquette.