High Heels Workout

Working Out In High Heels

Photo By: Viktor Device

 The fact that you can wear super fun heels while working out is one of the perks of training at Cherry Blossom Studio. High heels workout is definitely more fun than wearing regular gym shoes! Did you know that there are a lot of benefits to working out in heels?

Wearing heels helps strengthen the pelvic and abdominal muscles, in order to counter the elevated angle of the heel, we lean a little forward. This small adjustment tightens the abdominal muscles and tucks the pelvis under. If you recall your fitness instructor constantly saying tilt your pelvis forward or tuck your pelvis, you know what I am talking about. This specific action increases the ability for pelvic muscles to contract. In this way, some have described the benefits of working out in heels as being similar to doing kegels or holding mula bandha during yoga class.

 Wearing heels also works the calves and the butt muscles. Just walking in heels engages the calf muscles. The extra weight on the end of your legs helps to improve your spins by giving you extra momentum. They also help you to work on your balance and your posture.

 If we are being honest here, and we are, wearing heels also helps build confidence, they make us feel sexy and powerful! So grab your heels and come for a class at Cherry Blossom Studio!

Here are some of the fun high heels workout classes that we offer at Cherry Blossom Studio:

Exotic Dance Level 1     every other Tuesday at 6:30pm

                                    every other Thursday at 7:30pm

Exotic Dance Level 2     every Wednesday at 5:30pm

Floor Play                   every other Thursday at 7:30pm

 Stay tuned for choosing the right pair of heels for you next in next week’s blog! Choose from a wide selection of pole dancing heels in our online Boutique!