Pole Goals

goal settingWhen you enter the studio space from the boutique there is a small shelf to your left with pole and mat cleaning supplies. On the top of this shelf is a pile of post-it notes and pens and a sign asking you to create a pole goal and post it on the wall of pole goals!

Have you ever been discouraged by a lack of perceived progress in your workout routine? I know I have, this is why I wanted to take a moment to talk about how important pole goals are. It can be hard to measure your progress in a lot of workout routines. Aerial fitness offers a unique opportunity to see real progression and hitting these small milestones helps build your overall confidence. As you begin to meet your goals on a regular basis your mental barriers will begin to break down and your practice will become more consistent. The mental benefits of exercise are just as important as the physical benefits and the mind is often holding you back more than your perceived physical limitations so set goals for yourself! Start small and work your way up and your pole goals will become markers of progress and a testament to the strength you always knew you had but just didn’t always know how to find.

Make realistic goals

It is easier and more rewarding to check something small off your list than to have something that will take months or years to accomplish. Start with a Short Term Goal, Long Term Goal and an off aerial goal, for example getting 5 inches lower in my splits.

Each week take note of what you have done to help yourself accomplish your goals. Was it helpful? Ask yourself how you can do better to achieve yourself the following week. Don’t forget to keep a book of your training and pole goals if your a real go getter and want the best results! Let your Cherry Blossom Studio instructors now what your pole goals are and let them know when you have achieved them! Cause if you achieve your goal you make it to our Wall Of Fame!