Making New Friends in Your Twenties

How Pole Dancing and being a part of a studio has helped me make new friends in a new Country.

By Brittany Ellis

 I moved here from California (await gasp, fast forward through all of the “why would you ever leave?” and “but the beach is there”). Back home I have my family, my friends that I grew up with, old class mates, co-workers and team mates. While getting ready to move the last thing on my list of “what to worry about” was how I was going to make new friends. Of all the problems I have had in this life (self-created or not), making friends has not been one of them. Well it turns out I have not actually had to make a new friend, all on my own since the good old days of recess on the playground. This is not to say I have not unintentionally made new friends along the way in my life, but it is usually through an already established friend. Well, this is a new town, province, coast, and country, I was far from established.

It is so hard and strange to go out into the world as an adult and try making new friends. Like, where do I go? The bar, the library, ask my waitress at the restaurant if she is looking for friends too? Compliment the grocery cashiers nail polish and ask if I can go with her to her manicure appointment? Cruise craiglist, tinder, or bumble? So weird, so awkward, so ridiculous. Talk about getting humbled.

What I did do was cruise groupon and “cherry blossom” came scrolling past my screen. I was intrigued and followed by the thoughts in my head giving me every excuse in the book as to why not to go or try something new. I have always watched the girls pole dancing on instagram being so pretty and flawless on the pole. I always thought it would be really cool to try. So why not now?

The truth is I was afraid to try it. Everyone was going to better than me, they would judge me.  I would leave feeling bad about myself, and most importantly this would not help me with my lack of friend situation. I like to admit when I am wrong, like that one time I got married (shout out to my fellow divorce’s) but man was I ever wrong about this.

Pole dancing has lead me to the most wonderful, interesting and beautiful people. The studio is my new playground where there are countless friends to be made.  Deep and meaningful friendships have absolutely began to blossom and will only grow over time.

Last year during winter I hibernated, feeling sorry for myself. This year I am part of community that is supportive and loving.  The girls I have met here encourage you, inspire you and always help celebrate your victories and accomplishments. We really care about each other here at Cherry Blossom Studio so if you are feeling lonely, and want to meet some new friends this winter season come see us!