Aerial Fusion

Aerial Fusion fuses together our Aerial Hoop and Hammock together


lyraWhat is Aerial Hoop?

Aerial hoop also known as cerceau or lyra, is a circus apparatus in which students learn beautiful maneuvers and shapes while spinning on a large metal hoop suspended in the air.

What is Aerial Hammock?

Aerial hammock is a loop with two points of rigging also called aerial sling. Often used in aerial yoga, hammocks can also be used to create beautiful transitions and poses while defying gravity.

Aerial Fusion (6-weeks)

If you love aerials and want to test your skills on the lyra and hammock then this class is for you! Each week we will work on different mounts, hangs, wraps and transitions using a combination of the hoop and hammock. This fun introduction to these apparatuses and great conditioning class that will increase your strength and stamina.

Please wear close fitting clothing – T-shirts and leggings/capris required.

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