Strip Camp: The Art of Sexy

Strip Camp

Learn to unleash your sexy side with our Strip Camp

Whether you are a performer, pole dancer, burlesque performer or you want to learn the sexier side of pole for your man or yourself, everyone can benefit from Strip Camp.

In this 1.5 hour Strip Camp you will learn the basics of Pole Dancing, Floor work, performing for an audience and learning unique ways to peel off your outfits.

Strip Camp is designed by Cherry Blossom’s own Lethal Legs and Maverick Mettle two of Ottawa’s hottest Pole Dancing performers.

Conquer the dance floor and unleash your inner vixen as you learn:

Floor Work & Heel Clacks Sexy Pole Dancing

Get intimate on the floor as you melt, roll and body wave learning new floor transitions and movements. Learn a variety of heel clacks and fluid leg work as well as beginner pole combinations.

Please bring leg warmers or thigh high socks, Platform Pole Dancing heels and knee pads will be available for use at the studio.

Basework and Rises 

Learn how to properly walk in heels, and flow around the base of the pole adding your own style. Transitions from the pole to floor and floor to pole will be taught along with rises from the ground.

Audience Flirting & Performance

Learn how to connect with your audience to make your performances more interactive.

Ottawa Pole DancingFancy Peels

Learn the art of the peel, sexy and smooth ways to remove your bra, panties. We will also learn some new spins and put everything together.

Please bring an extra bra and pair of panties to wear over workout clothes for this class.


Saturday, July 22 5-6:30pm

Cost: 1.5 hour workshop $45 + HST

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What to bring to Strip Camp

Here is a list of things that you will need for strip camp. Please be prepared to get the most out of strip camp.

-High platform pole dancing shoes. We recommend 6 inch minimum for heel clacks and proper comfortable movement. We can also order in any pleaser shoes just for you contact us for more info.

– Leg warmers, Knee or thigh high socks.

-Booty shorts and an extra bra, panty to wear over workout clothes for peeling. There will be no nudity at Strip Camp. Dress in whatever makes you feel sexy and comfortable.

-Notebook, pen, phone to video.