Tia Jax Workshops

Tia Jax Workshops

Special Guest Instructor Tia Jax will be teaching her Signature Workshops at Cherry Blossom Studio April 27th! Exotic Style Workshops With one of Canada’s Top Pole Dancer!

Tia Jax will be Featured at Cherry Blossom Studio‘s 9 Year Anniversary “Naughty Nineties Aerial Cabaret” at The Bourbon Room on Friday, April 26th! Join us Friday evening for our show with a special performance by Tia Jax. Saturday Tia will be teaching her signature exotic style workshops at Cherry Blossom Studio.


Erotic POLE TRIXXX and Transitions

In this workshop you will learn how to make your tricks look just as erotic as your dancing. In a world where everything is about Fonji this and Spatchcock that, this fit your erotic trixxx. This is not a choreography-based workshop though, you will be given some erotic dance transitions to play with that will lead you into your trixxx. A mix of both worlds, dance and sport, with all the sexy!
You will utilize different grips such as: funny grip, split grip, cup grip etc… Tricks and transitions will take place on the floor, around the base of the pole and aerially. All Levels Welcome. (Knowledge of various grips, pirouettes, climbs, shoulder rolls and basic invert, preferred.) 90 mins.

Saturday April 27th 12:30- 2:00pm



Erotic Chair

You will never look at a chair the same way again after this workshop. In this workshop you will learn an erotic chair dance, but don’t be fooled. It sounds simple, but this workshop will definitely keep you challenged. Combining strength, flexibility and stamina you will learn to dance on the chair, around

the chair and on top of the chair and well…you’ll see. Moderations will be given for those who need it. Basic Shoulder roll skills are preferred. Videos welcomed. 90min

Saturday April 27th 11:00am -12:30pm


Hardcore Erotic Bitch

This is a choreography-based workshop. This workshop will be erotic to the max! Combining flexibility, strength and stamina with intermediate pole skills in to one erotic AF combination. You will start with an erotic warm up in heels and move on to learn your dance combination. Videos are welcomed. 90min

Saturday April 27th 2:30 – 4:00pm


Take advantage Of Our Early Bird Rates!

Single 90 min. Workshop $69 +HST (Reg $79)

All 3 90 min. Workshops $186 + HST (Reg $237)

Private Lesson with Tia $99 +HST

Semi Private $135 +HST

All workshops final sale, no switching out of one workshop to another.


About Tia Jax

Tia has been pole dancing since 2013. As a trained dancer (jazz, tap, ballet, acro, modern, lyrical, hip hop) and dance teacher of 14+ years, she had adapted to pole dancing quickly, especially being that her first teaching opportunity was at age 16. Surprisingly she taught Erotic Dance and Chair Dance classes for a local women’s fitness facility. Tia started as a Student at Brass Vixens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Five months into her pole journey she had been qualified to compete in the Ontario Regional Canadian Pole Fitness Championships. Competing in an amateur division, she won 1st place, champion.

Tia started pole dancing for the sport of it but then soon found a passion for Erotic Pole Dance. Just one year later in 2014 she decided to compete at TGWN (The Great White North) Pole Dance Competition. She had won 2nd runner up in a Semi-Professional division. By this time Tia was now a top instructor and was getting noticed and popularized for her Erotic Choreography both Pole Dance and Chair Dance. Tia has created an entire curriculum/teacher training-manual for Erotic Chair, Erotic Pole and Flexibility classes.

In 2015, Tia competed in Chicago, Illinois for the Midwest’s NAPDC (National American Pole Dance Championship) and won 2nd place in the Erotic Division. It was there that her talent was beginning to be recognized.

In 2016, Tia competed at Ontario’s TGWN Pole Dance Competition in the Erotic Division and won 1st place. Also, in 2016, She was qualified to compete in Orlando’s Dance Filthy Pole Dance Competition by International Pole Stars Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle. Though she didn’t place, Tia was honoured to have been chosen and was elated to have shared the stage with such talent.

By 2017, her popularity was blossoming, especially after competing in the Pole Sport Organization (PSO) Competition in Los Angeles, California. Tia competed in the Professional Division, Level 5 Erotic and earned A silver metal, bringing her in at 2nd place. She was recognized by many dancers and studio owners. She was also recognized and hired as a Brand Ambassador of online tutorial company 123poling.com and pole activewear “Polehearted”.

In 2018 she was invited perform at the International Pole Convention, Pole Con and was asked by Carmine Black to perform in 2 of her shows “Velour Noire” in Manhattan,NY.

Tia offers her signature workshops, internationally. She loves to travel whether it is to train for herself or to train others. You can also find her tutorials as she is an ambassador for 123Poling.com.

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“My style of erotic dance combines physical strength, stamina and flexibility. It requires a sense of grace and technique. It promotes mental strength and confidence. I feel the most powerful when I can be sensual/sexy, not for any man, FOR ME.” -Tia Jax


This was the most beautiful 3 hours, Thank you Tia – Sarah.polerina

The energy in the room was so contagious – Csonya_pole

I was able to let my heart lead me through movement without letting my brain get in between my body and expression – thepolekitten

Big thank you to Tia Jax for giving me the tools and courage to dance and play from the inside out – ciolfibean

Everything Tia taught us in the workshop was everything I needed to hear – _minipeach_