The Nightmare Before Christmas Aerial Cabaret

The Nightmare Before Christmas Aerial Cabaret

Cherry Blossom Studio’s last Aerial Cabaret was a hit with performances on the aerial silks, aerial hoop, burlesque and pole dancing!


This past weekends show The Nightmare Before Christmas Aerial Cabaret at The Bourbon Room was nothing less than spectacular! With 16 performances on Aerial Silks, Pole dancing, Burlesque and  Aerial Hoop the house was packed with talented aerialists, teachers and students of Cherry Blossom Studio.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Performers from the show. Photo by Kidd Glove

The Nightmare Before Christmas Aerial Cabaret had the lovely sassy Muffin, Burlesque diva from Capital Tease as our MC. Performances included Mummy’s, zombies, Sally’s, broken doll’s and more. You can visit our YouTube Channel to view our past performances.

We have been having showcases at our studio since 2009. Over the past year we have expanded and host shows at The Bourbon Room to spice up Ottawa with some high flying sultry acts.

Stay tuned for our next Show at the Bourbon Room. We host shows every couple months and we are sure you will be amazed with our fun shows open to everyone.

Join us at Cherry Blossom Studio for Pole classes in Ottawa’s favourite pole dancing studio!



Pole Boutique

We have just launched our online Pole Boutique!

Your one stop shop for everything pole dancing. Pole dancing heels, pole shorts, pole grips and x-poles all available in our Pole Boutique.

stripper heelsCherry Blossom Aerial Dance Studio is now online. All of the exciting products, accessories, pole apparel and pole dancing shoes can now be shipped right to your door! Receive FREE shipping on orders over $100 to anywhere in Canada.

Pole Dancing Heels

We have hand selected Pleaser pole dancing heels worthy of climbing, heel clacking and floor work. Heels from 5-8 inches are now available on our online Cherry Blossom Boutique, Canada’s largest pole dancing boutique. Looking for something that is not on our site? We can order them in especially for you with shipping right to your door!

Pole Wear

pole apparelWe are always adding new dance, yoga and pole apparel to our boutique. All of our clothing allows movement perfect for dance. Our top brands include Mika Yoga Wear, Flow Movement and Cherry Blossom Studio.

Grip Aids

We carry a wide selection of Grip Aids such as Itac2, Girlie Grip, Dry Hands, Dew Point Pole and Mighty Grip.


Order Pole Dancing Poles in our Pole Boutique and receive it in 2-7 days. X-Pole is the best pole on the market with options of 45mm or 50mm pole dancing poles. Add a pole in your house and pole more!

Visit our online boutique, NEW products added monthly!

Tips for your Pole Dancing Photo Shoot

Tips for your Pole Dancing Photo Shoot

Here are a few pointers for your Pole Dancing Photo Shoot

Ottawa Pole Fitness

Photo By: Viktor Device

Long holds, trying not to slip, special themes! There are so many things to think about while planning your first Pole Dancing Photo Shoot. Here are some tips and tricks for a stress free, fun photo shoot.

Choosing your Photographer

There are so many great photographers out there but not all of them are great for pole photo shoots if they have never done one before. You need to capture certain shots from one angle that looks best and if you have a back drop set up this may require you to adjust yourself to the exact position on perhaps leave the pole on spin and get a helper to turn you to the exact angle. You will also want to choose a photographer who is good with capturing action shots. Always ask to view your photographers portfolio so you can get idea of how your photos will look.

If you are willing to be patient and direct your shoot a little bit more you can always find a student photographer who is building their portfolio to work with.

Choosing What to wear

It can be hard to narrow it down to an outfit or two but remember less is more. Try choosing a theme for your photo shoot to make it clear and concise from the makeup, hair to costume. Photo shoots are fun for wearing those outrageous to much for class items, such as sequin bras, studded and crystallized heels and sexier and risqué outfits. Have fun choosing your outfit and try and make sure that your outfit and background go and make sense together.

Choosing Poses

Whether you are choosing poses on the pole, the floor or mid air you always want to make sure the photographer is getting your best angle. There are some really great tricks out there that are super impressive, but how do you look in that pose. Try choosing poses that fit for your body type lengthening your body and catching all of your best angles an assets. Try applying minimum dry hands as it will show up white and streaky on the pole and on your skin and can be tricky to photo shop. You may have to hold that pose longer than you have ever held it in your life, make sure to properly warm up and stay hydrated throughout your shoot.

Contact Cherry Blossom Studio for studio rental or inquire about our next Photo Shoot.


Pole Dancing for Weight Loss

Pole Dancing for Weight Loss

By Rio Beatty

pole dancing for weight loss

On Left Rio 6 Years ago, on right is Rio now.

I get asked all the time if pole dancing is good for weight loss. I frequently stumble over my answers to this question, so I’m going to attempt to spell it out better.
Yes, pole fitness classes are a great way to get fit.

The key to weight loss is primarily healthy eating habits. Adding pole fitness to your weekly regimen will have you burning calories in class in a wickedly fun way. Pole dancing will also help you build muscle – which raises your resting metabolic rate so you actually burn more calories when you’re not even doing anything. So yes, combined with a full, balanced diet (meaning veggies, carbs, and protein – not just celery sticks), pole dancing is a great way to lose excess weight.

What I want to express about pole fitness is that it becomes much more than a tool for weight loss. There is something about standing in a room with strong, supportive women that makes you want to BE MORE. I feel like we are socially conditioned to feel the need to take up less space, to occupy fewer inches – but pole dancing teaches you the opposite.

In the pole world, more is better. Bigger is better. I am constantly inspired to climb higher, swing wider, and extend farther. Pole fitness empowers us to not only take up space, but to celebrate having earned every glorious inch.

We don’t celebrate alone, either. As classmates, we sweat together, learn from each other, and encourage each other – always. All progress is great progress, and is celebrated heavily. I love cheering for classmates who nail a move (and yes, I shout), and I love spotting a student attempting a move they’ve told me they can’t do (yes Cynthia, you NAILED that shouldermount!).

So yes, pole fitness classes can be great for weight loss, but it’s even better for building self-empowerment, creating friendships, and nourishing your soul. Come join me for my classes at Cherry Blossom Studio so we can start hitting your goals!

6 Reasons Why You Need Pole Dancing in Your Life!

6 Reasons Why You Need Pole Dancing in Your Life!

Ottawa pole fitness

Pole Dancing isn’t just a workout, it is so much more! It allows creativity to flow as you freestyle to your favourite jams. It allows you to socially engage with other like minded people in an empowering atmosphere. It also allows you to stay in the best shape of your life!

I have been pole dancing for over 12 years, I taught myself because there were no studios when I started and it was taboo. Over these 12 years it has done so much for me not just pole dancing but the community and wonderful women and men in it!

Here are some of my top reasons as to why I do pole:

  1. The Workout  I am one of those people who goes to the gym then will stop for months then restart. I know the gym is great for me but I don’t love it. With pole, I truly enjoy it, I love dancing, music, stretching, creating and it is therapeutic for me. The outside world fades away as I pole dance, my body and brain are transported to another place. Pole dancing promotes a healthy heart and makes muscles limber which reduces injury. Strength and flexibility are gained through repetition and coordination is developed through patterns and balance.
  2. The Pole Family I have met the most wonderful friends through pole dancing events, the studio and common love of pole dancing. When you come to class it feels like a family. As you get those hard tricks, your “pole fam” cheers for you. Pole dance Ottawa studio Cherry Blossom Studio is a fun powerful atmosphere that is very uplifting.
  3. Pole Events There are so many Pole events and expos out there, where you can meet champion pole dancers, get stocked up with all your favourite gear, take workshops and get the opportunity to travel somewhere new. Check out Pole Expo it is our favourite and the perfect excuse to go to Las Vegas with the girls!
  4. Did someone say shoes? Shoessss! As women we love our shoes, and if you enjoy a more exotic dance style you can have all the shoes! At Cherry Blossom we are shoe obsessed ordering shoes monthly from Pleaser. It makes it that much more exciting to train because you have awesome shoes to train in.
  5. Provokes Creativity  Everybody craves some sort of creative expression! Pole dancing allows your creative juices to flow when you create performances, pole combos or sequences. Pole dancing is not only a great form of expression but also connects powerfully to other people, both dancer and audience. Telling a story through your dance is an art form. Just like an artist paints a canvas, when a pole dancer performs at a showcase, event, competition or whatever it may be they are expressing emotions. Decisions are made in seconds, constantly evolving so don’t get stuck or dwell on the past, the freedom is limitless!
  6. Builds Confidence Pole dancing makes you brave and forces you out of your comfort zone and into a place beyond yourself. Your inhibitions are lowered and you are able to be someone else when your body is in motion. Your ego is heightened and creates healthy elevated self-esteem. Pole lessons in a studio can allow different personalities to boost each other up in times of uncertainty. So come make friends at Cherry Blossom Studio🙂

The Fun Pole Dancing Workout

The Fun Pole Dancing Workout

Have fun, make friends and get great results with a Pole Dancing Workout!

Pole Dancing WorkoutsSo you have been battling staying consistent with the gym, working out, staying healthy but you keep falling off the wagon. You must ask yourself are you really enjoying your workouts? If you answered no then this is why you keep falling off the fitness wagon, you need to find a healthy actively and workout that you enjoy, then is wont even feel like your working out.

Pole Dancing has become a popular choice for women of all shapes and sizes because you are looking at yourself in a mirror while spinning and posing around a pole embracing yourself! Pole Dancing Workouts will help you build confidence, feel sexy and build strength and flexibility. In  group classes you make “pole friends” friends who have the same passion as you and who build you up and support you to achieve in the toughest moves. When you achieve your pole moves you have your own cheer squad which is very motivating.

Pole Dancing Workouts can be challenging but you can also embrace the sexy side by adding in the hottest workout shoes ever… Pole Dancing Heels! Strapping on some of those bad gals will make you feel amazing as you spin , climb and roll around on the ground.

So why not embrace your fine self and start enjoying your Workouts at Cherry Blossom Studio!


Aerial Hoop Classes

Aerial Hoop Classes in Ottawa

Want to learn Aerial Hoop?! We have you covered with Aerial Hoop Classes and Workshops at Cherry Blossom Studio.

aerial hoop classesAerial Arts are now growing with popularity! Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Pole Fitness, Spanish Web and other unique hanging apparatuses are gaining popularity and a great workout that is fun and challenging.

Aerial Hoop is gaining popularity and a fun strength and flexibility activity. There are two types of Aerial Hoops also referred to as Lyra or Cerceau. A One Tab or Single point Aerial Hoop has a rope attached to just the top, where as a double point has two tabs one at nine and three O clock. The double point aerial hoop can also be used for doubles, meaning two people creating poses and sequences at a time in the hoop.

So you want to get started on Aerial Hoop Classes

Cherry Blossom Studio offers an Aerial Fusion class which offers aerial hoop, aerial hammock and aerial silks. This class is great for conditioning and feeling comfortable with each apparatus. Sometimes the Aerial Hoop can be painful for beginners so the aerial hammock is a great way to become comfortable with poses and proper positioning.

Aerial Hoop Ottawa

Jennifer MacLatchy from Halifax Circus School.

Aerial Hoop Workshops

We also have Workshops often with different Instructors from all over Canada and around the world to teach students aerial hoop. Our next Aerial Hoop Workshop will be with Jennifer MacLatchy from Halifax Circus School! Jennifer will be teaching two different Workshops One for beginners- Aerial Building Blocks on Cerceau and one for more intermediate- advanced students-Aerial Flow on Cerceau. Learning from different instructors is good because each instructor has there own style just like pole dancing.




Here is a video of Dominique’s performance on Aerial Hoop from our latest Hero’s vs Villain’s show at the Bourbon Room in Ottawa:

We hope to see you for an Aerial Hoop Class or Workshop soon at Cherry Blossom Studio!




Pole Dancing Shoe Tips

So you’re ready for your first pair of Pole Dancing Shoes?!

Pole dancing shoesHere are some helpful tips for picking out Pole Dancing Shoes

Pole Dancing shoes are a must for myself when I do a performance! They make your legs look extra long, perk up your tush and there are so many styles! Every pole enthusiast should own a pair of pole dancing shoes to unleash the sexy.

So what are pole dancing shoes?! They are Shoes for pole fitness that are made out of material which sticks to the pole and come with or without an ankle strap. They are a platform shoe with a high heel and the heel height ranges from small 3 inches to as big as 10 inches. There are also a range of platform heights available but this normally is at a ratio to the heel height which means that walking will be easy. Pole dancing shoes are also called, stripper shoes, sexy platform heels, and lap dancing shoes.

Height & Style

pole dancing shoes ottawaThe most popular height for pole dancing heels are between 6-8 inches. They have a nice platform belly that is perfect for heel clacks and your foot isn’t as arched as shorter heels meaning they much so they are more comfortable.

While picking out your pole dancing shoes you want to make sure that they fit comfortably on your feet and don’t have any buckles, spikes or any sharp point that will scratch or hurt your legs and ruin the finish on the pole. The clear plastic straps are by far the most comfortable style by far. You can choose to have an ankle strap (Mary Jane) as well that will ensure your shoes won’t fly of your feet or budge while your performing pole fitness.

My favourite brand of Pole Dancing Shoes are Pleaser. We do carry them at Cherry Blossom Studio and can special order any style in that you desire.

Will I be able to walk in high platform shoes?!

pole dancing shoes
Everyone’s first concern when buying platform shoes is that they won’t be able to walk in 6 inch pole dancing shoes? Fear not it is way easier than it seems. Sexy high heeled shoes have a 1.5inch platform, which means this actually makes platform shoes with a 6inch heel only 3.5 inches high. The same as a normal pair of high heeled party shoes or less. The platform decreases the amount of heel of these sexy shoes and they also have thicker heels which make balancing in the shoes much easier. Good quality shoes like Pleaser shoes also tend to be padded so the shoes are much more comfortable than party shoes. If you’re not used to wearing high platform shoes it could be best to try a 6 inch heel as opposed to an 8 inch heel… at first.

Shop our Pole Dancing Shoes in Cherry Blossom Boutique





Strength Training for Pole Fitness

Strength Training for Pole Fitness

Build your strength for Pole Fitness with these tips

Ottawa Pole FitnessNo pole at home or in your regular gym? You can still train for Pole Fitness with these core and upper body exercises tips that will build up your strength, flexibility and stamina to perform.

These moves will help build functional strength training that will benefit you when you are on the pole. In combination with Pole Fitness training, they will also help you improve muscle definition, and boost your metabolism. The best part is that you can do all these pole dancing exercises without a pole at home.


To properly execute more difficult pole fitness moves, combos and poses you want a nice strong core! here are some strength building core exercise to help with your pole training.

Jack Knife Sit-Ups

  1. Lie down facing up, and stretch your arms out to the side in a V-shape over your head.
  2. Keep your legs straight out, also in a V.
  3. Contract your abs bringing your upper and lower body off the ground, making sure to keep your arms and legs straight.
  4. Let your arms and legs slowly go towards the ground, but contract your abs again before they hit the ground.
  5. Repeat.


  1. Lay on the ground on your stomach.
  2. Press up on your forearms and on your toes, keep straight, squeeze your tush and contract your abs.
  3. Try starting holding just for 20 seconds building up to a minute.

Lower Back & Glutes

To maintain a strong core for pole fitness you will want to not only strengthen your abs but also your lower back and glutes. Here are some at home mat exercises to strengthen your lower back and glutes.


  1. Lay on your stomach and stretch your arms overhead.
  2. Open your legs slightly so they form a V.
  3. Lift your arms and legs off the ground and hold for 5 seconds.
  4. Bring your arms and legs down again and rest for one second before contracting again.

Hip Bridge

  1. Lie on your back and your legs bent so your feet are flat on the ground.
  2. They should be at a comfortable-enough distance from your hips to give you support as you lift.
  3. Stretch your arms at your sides, palms down.
  4. Lift your hips until you form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders, contracting your glutes and your back.
  5. Bring your hips slowly down to the mat.
  6. Repeat.


Even though pole fitness is more upper body you will want to build your stabilizing muscles to squeeze the pole with your legs from all different angles.


  1. Start standing up straight with your legs about hip-width apart step forward with one leg.
  2. Bend down until your front knee is at a 90° bend and contract your glutes and hamstrings to come up straight again.
  3. Switch legs and do the same with the opposite side.

Inner Thigh Lifts

The best way to begin inner leg lifts is by lying on your right side with your ankles, knees and hips stacked vertically while supporting yourself on your right elbow, right hand and forearm extended in front of you at a right angle to the rest of your body. Push up high in your shoulder versus allowing your weight to sink into your shoulder, engage your abs  keeping your hips in line with the rest of your body versus pushing your hips backward.

  1. Place your left hand on the floor in front of your belly button for additional stability, and bend your left knee, placing your left foot flat on the floor directly in front of your upper right thigh.
  2. Next, exhale and lift your right leg slightly off of the ground, neither pointing nor flexing your right foot.
  3. Hold for a few seconds and lower.
  4. Do eight repetitions, switch to your left side and repeat.

Upper Body

Pole Fitness is mainly core and upper body so by doing functional body weight exercises you will increase your strength for pole fitness.

Push Ups

  1. Place your hands firmly on the ground, directly under shoulders. Ground your toes into the floor to stabilize your lower half. Brace your core (tighten your abs as if preparing to take a punch), engage glutes and hamstrings, and flatten your back so your entire body is neutral and straight.
  2. Lower your body. Begin to lower your body, keeping your back flat and eyes focused about three feet in front of you to keep a neutral neck until your chest grazes the floor. Don’t let your butt dip or stick out at any point during this move. Your body should remain in a straight line from head to toe. Draw shoulder blades back and down, keeping elbows tucked close to your body.
  3. Push back up. Keeping your core engaged, exhale as you push back to the starting position. Imagine you are screwing your hands into the ground as you push back up. That’s one! Repeat for 10 to 20 reps or as many as can be performed with good form.

These are all exercises you can do safetly at home, for more exercises try taking a Pole Fitness class from the professionals at Cherry Blossom Studio.

Gym Ottawa

Looking for a Gym Ottawa?!

Start enjoying your workouts at Cherry Blossom Gym Ottawa

Ottawa Gym

Ottawa’s best kept secret is Cherry Blossom Aerial Dance Studio at 427 St. Laurent Blvd. If you haven’t been yet you will want to familiarize yourself with the fun types of classes that Cherry Blossom Studio offers. Cherry Blossom is not your regular gym, we offer unique speciality classes that you won’t find anywhere else.

From Pole Dancing lessons to Aerial Silks and all the sexy fitness classes in between we are not your regular gym! Come take fun aerial classes such as pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial hoop or aerial yoga from our friendly certified instructors. Want to keep your feet on the ground?! We have that too with our bombshell burlesque, flexibility training, chair dancing, twerk and vertical barre classes.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, build strength, build confidence or just looking to challenge yourself and or compete, we have students of all ages and fitness levels. Our classes will get you into top notch shape and build your confidence in our empowering atmosphere. Pole lessons will help you get in shape with Cherry Blossom Studio’s Pole classes Ottawa!

Sign up today

Register for our 2-week Unlimited membership which includes a pole dancing or aerial silks teaser and unlimited fitness classes to familiarize yourself with our gym Ottawa. Once your addicted we also offer memberships to allow you access to up to 20 classes a month with practice time included so you can achieve all of your fitness goals.