Choosing Your Pole Dancing Heels

Choosing Your Pole Dancing Heels

Have Fun with Heel Clacks, Drops and Walks in Pole Dancing Heels!

Adore 708 Clear Pleasers

 Last week we talked about the benefits of working out in heels, this week we are going to talk about choosing your pole dancing heels.

As a beginner it is advised to avoid the shortest heels, the height between the top of your heel and the ball of your foot (arch) is larger in the shorter 6-inch heels. This means an ideal height for beginners is 7 inches. The platforms in 7inch and higher shoes make up for the extra heel height and the heels themselves are slightly wider. 8 inches are a good progression once you get used to the 7-inch.

Ankle straps are a good idea for beginners, especially if you are using your shoes for exotic dance or floor play. They will provide more support around your heel, keep your shoes from flying off and keep you feeling more secure. If you find a pair of shoes you like but they don’t have straps don’t worry, Pleaser makes straps separately and they are available for purchase at the Cherry Blossom Boutique.

The best shoes for heel clacks are platforms with no embellishments on the inner platform; the Adore 708 chrome and clear series heels are a great option for this! We have several different styles of 708 in the studio.

Clear shoes tend to be a good choice, they are the least expensive and there are several styles and colours to choose from. They are made from plastics and pvc. They can be molded to your foot by heating the plastic while you are wearing your shoes with the low setting on your blow dryer. Many people find the clear shoes to be the most comfortable.

rose gold heels

Adore 709 Rose Gold Heels

Patent shoes are made from leather, they do not expand as much in size as the clear shoes do and they tend to run a little narrower than the clear shoes (although this is not always the case). The patent material is sturdier, because of this, you want to make sure you have the correct shape and width for your feet or you will experience chafing over time.

In the end it is all about personal preference, you may find that a certain material or heel height works better for you than another. It is best to go with something that is comfortable for your foot.

 We sell a number of different styles at the Cherry Blossom Boutique so you can try on most of the styles available. Pleasers shoes are very light, they are easy to walk in and easy to perform in. They also fit true to size, they do not come in half sizes though, so if you are a half size you can typically go with the size up, but some find sizing down works better for them. If you can’t find the heel you want in our boutique we might be able to order it for you! There are a number of different styles available in the catalogue so make sure to ask at the front desk if you don’t see what you are looking for.

High Heels Workout

High Heels Workout

High Heels Workout

Working Out In High Heels

Photo By: Viktor Device

 The fact that you can wear super fun heels while working out is one of the perks of training at Cherry Blossom Studio. High heels workout is definitely more fun than wearing regular gym shoes! Did you know that there are a lot of benefits to working out in heels?

Wearing heels helps strengthen the pelvic and abdominal muscles, in order to counter the elevated angle of the heel, we lean a little forward. This small adjustment tightens the abdominal muscles and tucks the pelvis under. If you recall your fitness instructor constantly saying tilt your pelvis forward or tuck your pelvis, you know what I am talking about. This specific action increases the ability for pelvic muscles to contract. In this way, some have described the benefits of working out in heels as being similar to doing kegels or holding mula bandha during yoga class.

 Wearing heels also works the calves and the butt muscles. Just walking in heels engages the calf muscles. The extra weight on the end of your legs helps to improve your spins by giving you extra momentum. They also help you to work on your balance and your posture.

 If we are being honest here, and we are, wearing heels also helps build confidence, they make us feel sexy and powerful! So grab your heels and come for a class at Cherry Blossom Studio!

Here are some of the fun high heels workout classes that we offer at Cherry Blossom Studio:

Exotic Dance Level 1     every other Tuesday at 6:30pm

                                    every other Thursday at 7:30pm

Exotic Dance Level 2     every Wednesday at 5:30pm

Floor Play                   every other Thursday at 7:30pm

 Stay tuned for choosing the right pair of heels for you next in next week’s blog! Choose from a wide selection of pole dancing heels in our online Boutique!

Why Every Woman Needs a Girl Gang

Why Every Woman Needs a Girl Gang 

 Not too long ago women spent the majority of their lives with other women, helping each other raise children, gathering and preparing food, and in many other daily tasks. In today’s society, as we get older and our lives become more complicated, full time jobs, children, other obligations, we tend to have less time for social lives and less quality time with other women. Our relationships with other women are often the first thing to give, however, these are some of the most important relationships in our lives; they are something we really need to make an effort to nurture. This is why you need a Girl Gang!

I have come to realize that my friendships and my time with other women has evolved into a safe space for me. I find I can relax more, be myself more, and overall worry less. I like to believe it is because we are hard wired this way, to seek support and comfort from other women.

With all of the pressures each of us deal with each day, it can be very hard to keep up with a self-care workout routine, let alone find quality time with friends. This is where Cherry Blossom comes in! I, like many others, hesitantly stepped through the front door for my first class and had no idea what to expect. What I found was an enormously supportive, non-judgmental group of women. It became my safe space, a space to get a good healing dose of girl gang while getting a good work out in at the same time.

 Other compelling reasons to find your girl gang:

  • Women instinctively nourish each other; just being with other women is restorative.
  • Research has found that the hormone oxytocin is the panacea of friendship, and by extension, health. This hormone is released when we spend time with other women.
  • The hormones released from women to other women are healthy and do away with the stress hormones
  • Women’s friendships are like a renewable source of power
  • Women always need other women; from the moment we understand how different the male species is.
  • Women understand things men will never understand
  •  The visceral need for chocolate
  • What it feels like to almost bleed to death every month
  • Misogyny
  • Giving birth
  • Crying at the Ikea commercial where the lamp gets abandoned on the curb because you feel bad for the lamp
  • The list goes on!

 Always remember we are stronger when we lift each other up, not when we tear each other down. Find your girl gang (there is a great one here at Cherry Blossom Studio) and hold on tight!

The Steep and Unforgiving Learning Curve of Beginner Aerial Silks

The Steep and Unforgiving Learning Curve of Beginner Aerial Silks

Beginner Aerial Silks class can be tough but sticking to it will get you results!

 Aerial silks ibeginner aerial silkss an intimidating class especially intimidating for a complete beginner aerial silks student. I want to talk about my aerial silks journey, from absolute beginner to, well…still a beginner. I am sure there are many of you who have taken a class and not returned, or are too intimidated to try a class, hopefully my experience will ease some of your concerns.

I first came to cherry blossom in January 2016. I came for a six-week aerial yoga session and ended up signing up for a six-week silks beginner class on the way out. Silks were something I had always dreamed of trying, having always been fond of climbing and hanging upside-down. I was pretty good with the aerial silks hammock but how much different could the silks really be right?

My first class was a humbling experience to say the least. I couldn’t climb at all, I couldn’t invert, and I couldn’t hold myself up. I was forced to confront my physical limitations. I have never had a particularly strong upper body so this was a real challenge for me. There were intermediate students in the class who had been practicing for some time and were inverting and doing all of the amazing cool things I wanted to do, and there I was unable to get one climb up the silk. I felt pathetic and I wanted to cry.

Somehow I mustered up the strength to come back for the second class, and the third, and the fourth, fifth and sixth. By the end of the session I could climb with the help of sticky hand spray (which I still use today), I figured out how to do candles by rolling forward instead of backwards, and I could do foot locks. I was still nowhere near the level of some of the other students in the class but this forced me to stop comparing myself to other people. I became more self-forgiving, I forced myself to take the small victories in and not worry so much about what I perceived as failures in my performance.

It took me about three months before I finally rolled backwards into a candle. This was a huge accomplishment for me and for once I felt strong in my body. New skills still take time, a lot of time, but there is a real sense of empowerment when you accomplish something you thought you would never be able to do.

You are stronger than you know and the impossible is possible you just have to be kind to yourself and not compare yourself to others and move at your own pace. I promise you will be rewarded for your persistence.

Come try a Beginner Aerial Silks class at Cherry Blossom Studio and increase your upper body strength and flexibility!

Post Workout Smoothies

Post Workout Smoothies

Smoothies Part 2 –Post Workout Smoothies

 Fuel your body after ysmoothieour tough workout at Cherry Blossom Studio with a post workout smoothie. Feed your muscles with the proper nutrition your body needs after your aerial dance and fitness classes.

I am pretty sure that I look like Popeye meaning that my forearms feel like they are sausages stuffed into a casing that is too tight. Enter the peanut butter and banana chocolate smoothie…

 By now you should be somewhat familiar with my smoothie obsession if you read the last blog about the green monster! This time I wanted to talk about post-workout smoothies. Because time is a factor and we cant ignore proper nutrition especially after a tough muscle-building workout. This is another recipe that you can make in a double batch and leave in the fridge for a day or two for a grab-and-go post-workout fix. The concept of this smoothie comes from research on the benefits of chocolate milk as a post workout drink. Compared to plain milk, chocolate milk has double the carbohydrate and protein content, perfect for replenishing tired muscles. At this point you are probably thinking, “why don’t I just have a chocolate milk?” I mean, you could… but this is more fun and it has more nutrients! Especially for anyone suffering from muscle cramping because it has bananas in it. Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Funky Monkey Smoothie

1-cup dark chocolate almond milk (or regular chocolate milk if you prefer)

1 large banana (frozen or un-frozen)

2 large tablespoons of peanut or almond butter

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder of choice (optional)

¼ teaspoon of cinnamon

 * Feel free to throw in a cup of spinach if you feel you need the greens! I know I do, and I promise you won’t even know it’s there.

A fruitier post workout smoothie variation…

smoothiePaypaya Ginger Smoothie

1 scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder

1  cups papaya, chilled and cut into chunks

1 cup ice
½ cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
2 teaspoons fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
Juice of half a lemon
1 teaspoon agave nectar
Leaves from one sprig of mint